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We can cover roofs of any shapes and size, small or large using traditional roofing materials such as copper, slate, lead, zinc, tiles etc.

Copper roofing is my speciality and I use a traditional method to style any constructed shape or design. This applys to new buildings, extensions, wall cappings, dormers etc.

Survey Reports and Inspections

Roofing consultation and inspection with condition surveyed reports and recommendations

Problem Solving

I have exstensive experience problem solving onsite roofing issues. Having a clear understanding of materials, buildings and theory gives me a great overall picture which is great at solvinhg any issues that arise. 


"Kevins work is really second to none. He put a new roof on my extension and the job was so good that I got him to do the rest of the house! Great attention to detail. I couldnt be happier. Hes a marvel!"       - Tom Doyle, Dublin.

"We were eight months trying to get someone to fix the Church Roof. Nobody seemed to know how to fix it without ripping it all off. Until Kevin looked at it and mended it in two weeks guarenting it will last 20 years. What else can I say! He is brilliant."       - Sean Wall, Dublin.

"Kevin is great at solving problems. Most builders try and cut corners with this and that. Kevin is great in that he is honest and takes pride in his work. He guaranteed my roof for thirty years."   - Diarmuid O' Brien, Blackrock.